Pay by Crypto

Wanna vote and don’t wanna pay by PayPal or CreditCard?

Just send correct amonut of money on my crypto adress. And write here or to the e-mail ( information: which Crypto You sent (and how much) for a which shitcoin (as Your votes).

1 LSK (4 Votes) to the address :

10 XLM (3 Votes) to the address:
When You want send a XLM => don’t forget about MEMO ID: 927

20 TRX (2 Votes) to the address:

1 XRP (1 Votes) to the address:
Don’t forget about tag (!) => 7611

If You send more crypto, then You will have more Votes, for example:
2 LSK (8 Votes), 20 XLM (6 Votes), 40 TRX (4 Votes), 2 XRP (2 VOTES), 100 LSK (400 Votes), 2000 XLM (600 Votes), 2000 TRX (200 Votes) or 1000 XRP (1000 Votes). I will calculate votes every single day (from Monday to Friday). Pay by crypto 🙂 Cheers!